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Dr. Ahlam Alqatari

Consultant Clinical Pathologist / Hematology

Education and Experience

  • King Faisal University Fellowship Program in Clinical Pathology

  • PhD in clinical pathology

  • Head of the Hematology Laboratory / Department of Diagnostic Medical Laboratories for 6 years

Years of experience:

More than 34 years of professional and academic experience

Scope of Work

  • Diagnosis of all cases of benign and malignant blood diseases by examining blood and bone marrow tissues and clinical analyzes.

  • Supervising the diagnosis of genetic blood diseases

  • Diagnosis of coagulation and hemorrhagic diseases

  • Study and analysis of the types of cancerous blood cells and cells of the immune system

  • Study the results of examinations and provide counseling for those who are about to marry

  • Diagnosing the causes of fevers from bacteria, parasites and others by examining blood and bone marrow images

  • Teaching postgraduate students specializing in hematology

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