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Dr. Huda A Bubshait

Consultant ENT surgeon

Education and Experience

  • King Faisal University Fellowship Program in Otolaryngology ENT (General Specialization) 
    • more than 30 years experience as an ENT consultant surgeon in Dammam Medical Complex.
    • Former Head of ENT at Dammam Medical Complex
    • A former member of the local committee to supervise training for the Saudi Board program, specializing in ENT of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
    • Former head of the Tracheostomy care team at Dammam Medical Complex

Years of experience:

35 years

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Scope of Work

  • Diagnosis and treatment of tonsil diseases and adenoids.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the larynx

  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose and sinuses

  • Diagnostics and treatment of ear diseases

  • Performing ear, nose and throat surgeries, microscopic ear surgeries, and endoscopic sinus surgeries

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