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Aldorr Specialist Medical Center is guided by a set of core values that have been crafted over the years. Putting these values into practice, our dedicated professionals collaborate to provide quality holistic care for our patients. The luster that distinguishes our center from others is what inspired the name, Aldorr, meaning pearl. In our center, we deliver integrative care that views the patient as a whole, addressing not only their physical, but also their emotional, social, and spiritual needs. In our integrative approach, we encourage patient participation and involvement in their own care.


We provide a variety of services, ranging from emergency medicine, laboratory tests, and radiology scans, to day surgeries, endoscopies, and physical therapy. We also provide specialized services, such as dentistry and dermatology. Additionally, we offer home services for those who are unable to reach us. Aldorr is the fruit of years of expertise in various disciplines, combined together under one roof. Our care begins with the patient contacting us for a visit, and follows them back home as we reassure them with results. We strive to maintain excellence in medical care, treating all patients with utmost respect and dignity, and we challenge ourselves to further improve day by day.

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Pearl Street, Al Ghadir, Saihat 32451, KSA

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Saturday - Thursday  11:00am – 8:00pm

Friday - Closed

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+966 53 857 0070

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